Establishment Section
Establishment section mainly deals with the following duties -
  • Maintaining Teaching and Non-Teaching staff.
  • Maintaining personal files, service books, leave records,vacation/detention records of teaching staff & non-teaching staff.
  • Staff requirement/selection/appointment, approval etc.
  • Issue of Increment (Teaching & Non-Teaching staff).
  • Earned Leave, Medical Leave, Visiting Lecturer, Outdoor duty, Office Orders (faculty & students), experience certificate, circulars & Notice etc.
  • Maintaining of confidential report of teaching/non-teaching staff increments & its correspondence.

Officer incharge

Shri C. L. Tandon

Assistant Registrar

State University Service

Mob. No. 7898337442

List of Current Staff

S. No. Name Designation Mobile No Photo
1 Shri C. L. Tandon Assistant Registrar 7898337442
2 Shri Than Singh Assistant Grade I 9926195474
3 Shri Bharat Yadav Assistant Grade III 9301775967
4 Shri Devnath Kashyap Watchman 6264438113